WHAT IS YOUR TURN AROUND TIME:  January through August our turn around time is usually 2 to 4 business days (our studio is closed on weekends) September through January is our busy season and our turn around times varies depending on the number of orders we are working on.  It can be anywhere from 3 days to 14 business days.  We suggest if you are ordering a team order during our busy season that you get your order in as early as possible.  We work off order due dates rather then order date during our busy season.  


HOW LONG IS SHIPPING:   We ship everything USPS Priority Mail or Fed Ex Ground.  Our shipping times will vary depending on shipping location, weather etc. 


CAN WE RETURN A PILLOW:  We do not accept returns on personalized pillows.  If you receive a pillow that has been damaged enroute, please take pictures of the damage and let us know immediately.  We insure all our pillows and will file a claim and replace your damaged pillow promptly.  


WHAT IF A NAME IS MISSPELLED:  If it is our fault we will ship out a new pillow immediately.  This rarely happens because we copy and paste the names given into our program for printing, which eliminates any misspelling, however on occaision we will encounter an error.  If the spelling error is from a name being sent to us misspelled, you will need to re-order the pillow and we will print it and ship it ASAP.  We DO NOT want the pillow printed with mistake sent back to us.  


IS YOUR GLITTER REALLY NON-FLAKING:  YES!!!!  YES IT IS!!!  It is baked on and this eliminates any glitter trails where ever the pillow goes.  Rest assured you will not have glitter on everything and everyone who comes near our pillows.